Before Reading and After Reading

Pre-reading strategies

Make predictions about the book based on the cover page or title:  “What do you think this book will be about?”

  • Discuss student’s prior knowledge about the topic of the book:  “What do you already know about ________?”

  • Have the student develop questions about the book.


Post-reading strategies:
  • Story retelling, sequencing of events: “What happened in this story?”
  • If the student starts flipping back through the book to answer this question – there is a comprehension problem
  • Discussing or writing about favorite parts of the book: “What part did you like best?”  “I liked the funny part” is a starting point – press for more details – why was it funny?
  • Comparing to another story: “Is this like anything you’ve heard or read before?”
  • Creating a new ending: “What is a different way that this story could end?”
  • Draw a picture about the story in a journal.
  • Critique: “I liked this story because…/I didn’t like this story because”
  • “I liked this book because I learned a lot” is again, a starting point. Press for details. What did you learn? What did you think before you read the book and what changed after reading it?

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